Wincanton Auctions do not sell fur items. Please see our link on what we do not sell Wincanton Auctions Does Not Sell List

Fur Farming has been banned in Britain since 2000 but it is still legal to sell some furs that have been imported although there is a growing political movement to ban Fur sales altogether.

Due to everchanging legal matters and new laws, it is often illegal to sell numerous types of fur. Most of these are of the vintage variety that was originally a species that sold for thousands before the animal became endangered. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or CITES is part of the change in reducing the possibility of selling vintage furs. The individual owner may not sell anything from a primate, large cats and bears. Additional skins that may become furs which remain illegal are those of elephant or rhinoceros’ skin and horns.

If the animal fur comes from a nonendangered creature, selling it can still be complicated and the initial response to selling vintage fur in the UK is generally regarded negatively.